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May 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 3)

Gifts for her this Christmas
About the author: 
Joanna Evans

Gifts for her this Christmas image

We've scoured the virtual shelves for the best natural beauty, grooming, health and wellbeing gifts for her.

Easy on the eye

Green People

Night Forest Eye Duo, £17.50/ $22.95

UK; tel: 01403 740 350/ US

Perfect for natural beauty fans, this eyeshadow duo is talc-free and non-irritating, made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients including mica, corn starch and jojoba seed oil. The two subtle colors—Tawny Owl Taupe and Mink Brown—can be worn alone or blended together, and come with a handy mirror and applicator for on-the-go touch-ups.

Eau naturel

Hiram Green

Slow Dive Eau de Parfum, £125/ $165 (50 mL)

UK; tel: 0208 693 5150/ US; tel: 866-931-8297

The latest release from luxury natural perfume maker Hiram Green, Slow Dive is a warm, tobacco blossom-themed fragrance with additional notes of neroli, orange flower, tuberose, beeswax, dried fruits and honeyed resins. Like all Hiram Green fragrances, this exotic, spicy floral scent is handcrafted in small batches exclusively from natural materials.

The gift of sleep


I Want to Sleep Well Gift Set, £27.50/$49.50

UK; tel: 0203 4881 461/ US; tel: 312-692-9433

All-natural aromatherapy brand Scentered has created four limited edition Christmas gift sets, each containing a 5-g Therapy Balm and an 85-g Therapy Candle, designed to reset the recipient's mood with a specially selected blend of essential oils. Choose from 'I Want to De-Stress,' 'I Want to Escape,' 'I Want to Be Happy' and 'I Want to Sleep Well' (pictured), all of which come in a beautiful box that can be kept and reused.

In the zone


Zafu Crescent Meditation Cushion 'Siddha', £34/$19

UK; tel: 01637 498 739/ US

Great for yoga lovers or keen meditators, this ergonomically-shaped cushion provides ideal support for sitting cross-legged in the Lotus position. Made from 100 percent organic cotton—certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)—and organic spelt husks that mold to your body, the cushion is comfortable, washable and beautifully made. It's available in a range of colors created from eco-friendly dye.

Natural selection


12 Days of Christmas Calendar, £35/$32; tel: 0370 606 6606/ US; tel: 256-489-0777

Part of Weleda's Gifted from Nature Collection featuring illustrations by designer Emma Britton, this gorgeous gift box contains 12 travel-sized versions of some of the brand's bestselling beauty offerings—from refreshing shower gels to luxurious body oils. All the products are 100 percent natural, and the packaging showcases some of the pretty flowers and wildlife from Weleda's 13-acre gardens in

Clear the air

Airvida L1 Wearable Air Purifier, £199.99/$120

UK; tel: 01453 752216/ US

It's an air purifier, but not as you know it. Available in black, white or pink, the Airvida L1 is a stylish, incredibly lightweight air purifier that you wear around your neck to clean the air around your mouth and nose. The Airvida L1 produces negative ions, which attach to particles in the air—from pollen to the particulate matter from car fumes—causing them to become heavier and fall to the ground. It's ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone looking to reduce the amount of everyday pollutants they breathe in.

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