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July 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 5)

Your vacation first-aid kit
About the author: 
Joanna Evans

Your vacation first-aid kit image

From mosquito bites to minor bumps and scrapes, we've got your vacation mishaps covered with our curated collection of first-aid products—all 100 percent natural.

For sunburn

Rainforest Chica

Andiroba Oil, $13 (2 fl oz); tel: 954-274-2032

Harvested from the andiroba trees that populate the tropical rainforests of South and Central America, this unrefined cold-pressed oil—which comes in a flight-friendly-sized bottle—has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great topical treatment for all sorts of vacation health troubles, from sunburn to minor cuts and scrapes. You can also use it to repel bugs, soothe spots and moisturize dry, damaged hair.

For bumps and bruises

Milk + Honey

Arnica Balm, $16 (1 oz); tel: 512-236-1115

This highly concentrated balm is a potent mix of plant ingredients, most of them organic, including extracts of Arnica montana (famous for treating bruises and swelling), calming Calendula officinalis and eucalyptus (which has natural painkilling properties). For an intensive treatment, apply a generous dose to the affected area, wrap in a bandage and leave overnight.

For multipurpose skin healing


The Green Balm, $19.99 (1.69 oz) or $8.49 (0.5 oz)

Short on suitcase space? This multitasking balm, which comes in two perfectly packable sizes, is ideal. You can use it to soothe dry and itchy skin, calm minor rashes and burns, help heal bites, cuts and blisters, and treat chapped lips and cold sores. It even works as a face cleanser or moisturizer. Hero ingredients include antibacterial tea tree oil, soothing sweet almond oil and calming extract of yarrow (Achillea millefolium)—an herb well known for its skin-healing properties.

For cuts and grazes

Dr. Nordyke's

Wound Honey, $19.95 (2.8 oz); tel: 800-308-6284

Wound Honey combines the healing power of Manuka honey, known for its antibacterial properties, with aloe vera and D-panthenol, a form of vitamin B5, for a powerful skin-healing formulation. This topical ointment is suitable for scrapes and scratches, as well as burns,rashes or other skin injuries.

For travel sickness


Three Ginger tea, $5.95 (20 tea bags)

Ginger has long been used as a natural remedy for various types of sickness. This certified organic tea from the herbal experts at Pukka not only contains ginger, but also galangal, another plant often recommended for motion sickness, as well as anti-inflammatory turmeric and soothing licorice root, so it may be useful for calming an upset stomach as well as alleviating travel sickness.

For bug bites


Zap-Ease, $9.95

Ease bug bites instantly with this little 'zapper' from award-winning natural mosquito-repellent maker Incognito. A few 'clicks' of Zap-Ease around the area of the bite "has the effect of localizing the poison and inhibiting the histamine release, which causes the itch and the urge to scratch," the company says. The device is harmless (although it's not suitable for those fitted with a pacemaker or children under the age of two) and comes with a handy lanyard for carrying it around your neck.

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