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November 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 9)

The Best Sugar-free Dried Fruit Snacks
About the author: 
Joanna Evans

The Best Sugar-free Dried Fruit Snacks image

Snack healthier with these sugar- and sulphur-free dried-fruit snacks

Get fruity: Sugar-free Dried Fruit Snacks

A bag of dried fruit might seem like a healthy snack, but a lot of the packaged options out there, even the ones in health-food stores, are crammed with added sugar and contain preservatives like sulphur dioxide, which some people are allergic to.

Happily, healthier products are available—and so you don't have to spend your time reading labels, we've tracked down some good ones for you.

Here are five dried-fruit snacks made with minimal processing and no added nasties.

Urban Fruit

Perfect Pineapple, £1.97 (100 g); tel: 0345 656 1234

Urban Fruit makes a variety of bagged fruit snacks, all produced from fresh fruit picked in season and baked at low temperatures, with no added sugar, concentrates or preservatives. Our favourites include the pineapple (pictured) and strawberry flavours—both incredibly moreish and available as a sharing pack (100 g) or snack pack (35 g).

Indigo Herbs

Organic Mango Slices , £3.99 (125 g); tel: 01458 831 447

These deliciously chewy mango slices from Glastonbury-based health and wellbeing company Indigo Herbs are certified organic, and made using special dehumidifiers to slowly take all the moisture out of the fruit. As with the company's other dried fruit (including apricots, dates and goji berries), there's nothing added to the mango whatsoever.

Tropical Wholefoods

Sun Dried Banana Chewy Chips, £1.70 (150 g); tel: 0345 258 2782

Banana chips are usually loaded with extra sugar, but these are just 100 per cent pure banana—with nothing else added—and are still amazingly tasty. The Fairtrade bananas are sun-dried when fully ripe to preserve their flavour, and never heated above 42° C to retain their goodness.

Clearly Scrumptious

Tangy Dried Golden Berries, £18 for 18 30-g packs); tel: 0113 815 0004

Clearly Scrumptious, 'The Healthy Treat Company', does a range of sugar- and sulphite-free dried fruits for both adults and children. These air-dried all-natural goldenberries, a South American fruit that's jam-packed with vitamins A and C, are sweet and chewy with a tangy twist.

Perry Court Farm

Sweet Apple Crisps, £12 for 24 20-g bags; tel: 01233 222 222

A healthy alternative to regular crisps, these crunchy air-dried apple crisps are made from Cox's Orange Pippin apples—grown, picked and prepared by hand on the family-run Perry Court Farm in Kent. There's nothing added whatsoever—each bag contains just 100 per cent apples and counts as one of your five-a-day.

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